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Dental Tourism India

Dental tourism is a subset of medical tourism. Also known as dental medical tourism, it entails pursuing dental treatments abroad at attractive medical tourism destinations, away from one’s own region or country. The reasons could be low cost of dental treatment abroad, or non availability of specialised dental treatment in the home country.

Dental treatments in USA, UK and other European countries can prove to be very expensive compared to attractive dental tourism destinations like India. Dental tourism in India has flourished over the years due to compelling reasons such as:

  • Dental insurance and treatment costs in developed countries such as USA and UK are exorbitant as compared to dental treatment cost in India
  • Dollar or pound conversion rates with respect to Indian Rupee gives a distinct cost advantage to the country
  • Quality healthcare in accordance with international standards
  • Rigorous infection control systems at par with the western standards
  • Ease of communication with fluency in English of the nursing staff and doctors
  • Electronic records of patient history and treatment management
  • Query, consultation and case management co-ordination of the entire trip plan and its execution by medical tourism companies

Most Popular Dental Treatment Packages in India

Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental X-Rays​

Root Canals​

Teeth Whitening

Dental Implants

Braces & Caps

Most people like to club dental tourism with a fun-filled vacation. Since there is no downtime or recovery required during or after dental treatment, it is most amenable to tourism before and after the treatment.

India has always been a very popular tourist destination. Located in southern Asia, India houses the legendary monument of love, the Taj Mahal. However, Incredible India does not end with this wonder of the world; centuries of history take you on a mystical journey in the land of colours. From the Portuguese churches in Goa, to the traditional Rajputana carvings in Rajasthan; from the majestic Golden temple in the north, to the pristine Kerala backwaters in the south, every state holds a distinct flavour in its architecture, cuisines, lifestyles, and medicine.

More and more people are choosing India for dental treatment abroad, because of reputation of Indian doctors, affordable cost of dental treatment, ease of travel and no language barrier. All this has given a great boost to dental tourism in India.

Cosmetic dental treatments in India have gained immense popularity, with its success and cost benefits ringing across the globe. A beautiful smile imparts self-confidence and happiness to the person. Cosmetic dentistry makes it possible for everyone to have these, especially with the above advantages in a country like India.

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